Thursday, 16 February 2012

The first hurdle...


What exactly am I supposed to be looking for?  Can I even have margarine?  I mean, I know there’s probably cows milk in it, but if there’s an alternative, is this definitely it? 
I’ve been staring at the nutritional information of margarine tubs for well over 5 minutes now and the picture isn’t getting any clearer. 

It’s very early days into our little food adventure and I’m moving rapidly through a number of stages in food buying confidence.

Initially, and perhaps naively, I thought I could just avoid meat and dairy and eat pretty much everything else.  This idea lasted a few hours until I was made acutely aware that my bread might contain hair as a flour improver, and my soft drinks might contain beetles to improve their colour.

Next, I decide to only buy food that’s been labelled as ‘suitable for vegans’ - just to be sure.  However, in doing some digging, it seems that most products don’t get labelled, and if they do, they might still contain traces of eggs and dairy due to shared machinery and manufacturing processes.  One thing is clear, that in these early stages it’s all very confusing.
What I've learned so far, is that when it comes to eating Vegan, the onus to find the right stuff is most definitely on me.  So I’m firmly into stage three. Which means standing on my own, staring at margarine tubs.
But I’m getting there. And although it’s not the most effective shopping trip in the world, at least I’ve eventually managed to secure myself some soya based margarine, a sack of vegetables and some rice milk.  So at least my morning cereal is sorted.

If it wasn’t for the bastard honey in my Bran Flakes.

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