Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What's all this about then?

 The look of bewildered confusion on the faces around us is fairly consistent as we calmly tell a group of around 10 of our close friends and colleagues our plan for the next the 30 days.

“Why the hell are you doing that, you’ll hate it”, they say supportively. “That sounds bloody horrendous, you’ll never finish it”. 

The backing is truly overwhelming. 

And then comes the big question: “What are you actually going to eat?” 

Unlike our menu for the next 30 days, one thing is for certain:  People don’t really understand Veganism.  I mean, we all get the theory, but most can't quite believe the practice.

No-one less so than us.  As confirmed carnivores, we see vegetables as those things you point at the meat, we’re rather fond of a fried breakfast, and after all, doesn’t everything taste better with melted cheese?

The big reason for taking this on is that we’re both so thoroughly unprepared, unqualified and uninformed to go Vegan that it seems crazy not to just go ahead, do it, and see what happens.

There are of course a huge number of reasons to become Vegan.  It’s kinder to animals, it's more environmentally friendly,  it’s healthier, etc etc etc, we could go on. 

We won't.

We’re not here to convince you to go Vegan, or even Vegetarian for that matter.  What you choose to put on your plate is your business, and we're honestly already missing bacon more than two slices of bread with some ketchup in the middle.

What we’re primarily concerned with is, if you were to wake up one day and decide to join the other 0.3% of the population abstaining from the use of all animal products, how difficult would it actually be?

What role do animal products hold in our everyday lives? How easy is it to remove them from our lives?  And can you really enjoy a fried breakfast?

So with equal levels of stubbornness and enthusiasm, no preparation and a couple of Vegan friends for advice, we’re going to find out just how prepared Brighton and the rest of the World is for those who want to become Vegan, and quite honestly don’t have a clue how.

Let’s commence.

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