Monday, 19 March 2012

Sun, Sea and Soya


So I’ve saved the final test until last.  I had every intention on timing the finishing of this little adventure before my holiday, but sadly, searching for a cheap flight meant I’ve had to leave a few days early, and I’m spending the last 2 days of Veganism in Portugal, amongst fresh fish and tasty steakhouses.

Challenges aside, It’s a good opportunity to reflect on what’s been an eye-opening 4 weeks.  I’ve learned what’s good, what’s not, and for the most part I’ve actually quite enjoyed it. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been hard.  Really hard at times. I’ve missed the choice, I’ve missed snacking and I’ve missed takeaways.  Perhaps if I’d done it for another month then I’d be better at those things.  But if not, what am I really missing out on? 
I’ve actually enjoyed turning things down, looking past the chocolatey treats for lunch and not melting cheese onto my dinner.  It’s been really good to exercise a little self restraint.

Which brings me back to Portugal.  And being in the centre of fishing region, The Algarve with all its tasty fresh fish and holiday treats.  Thankfully, I’ve had weeks to develop some serious resolve and with plenty of fruit and vegtables on offer, a vegetarian option for lunch and dinner and with a little positive optimism that the bread is generally ok, I’m happy to say I passed the test.

And so it’s finished. 30 days done, and with that finishing, a new question begins.  Where to from here?  I’ve developed all that resolve, learned about all that new food and even lost a bit of weight.  Do I just forget all about what I’ve learned and head straight to the takeaway, or has it permanently changed me?

Well the truth is, I don’t quite know what to think at the moment.  It’s been a few days, and although I enjoyed a pizza on holiday, I’ve not touched any other cheese, eaten packaged meat or even considered a fry up (although I have thought pretty hard about it). 

I’ll go back to my meat eating ways slowly but surely, and with my eyes more open than before.  It’s certainly vanquished a few myths about Veganism, and who knows, maybe I’ll buy soya milk again.  But I should really finish that rice milk first.  

Sweetened dishwater anyone?

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