Monday, 5 March 2012

Venturing outside the comfort zone.


I have ticked / survived probably the two biggest boxes / challenges that I have come across during this meatless month so far: my first night out and my first meal out.
We called Pizza Express ahead of time and, after consulting Nick, my all-knowledgable Vegan buddy at work, felt comfortable that they could provide me with an all-natural, hopefully delicious, Italian meal. And they did.
Sort of. 
It was basically a generic veggie pizza with no cheese. Absolutely no cheese what-so-ever. And it was nice, albeit pretty plain. And I’d be lying if I said that looking around the rest of our group’s plates containing barely-poked regular pizzas with all the dreamy toppings just sitting there, un-touched, wasn’t difficult. 
There was quite literally no Vegan dessert option so I sipped on my sparkling water while the others scoffed Banoffee Pie. But I passed. 
As VP discovered in a previous post, finding suitable alcoholic beverages could potentially have been a night-ending chore. But, thanks in part to the good people at the aforementioned and the handy option of having the internet on one’s phone, I got pretty lucky. Firstly, the gig venue I was at had Carlsberg on tap and the elected pub for a mate’s leaving drinks served Beck’s. Win-win. 
So undoubtedly my greatest achievement was the drunken Vegan snack alternative I concocted later that same night. I hopped in a taxi home with a mate of mine who was visiting from London at what would usually have been Kebab O’Clock. The sweet smell of numerous Brighton takeaway joints lingered in my nostrils as we pulled away and I began to wonder what the hell I was going to eat when I got in.
But pushing past the bacon, pre-packaged cheese slices and Peperami sticks in the fridge I managed to rustle up some sausage sandwiches, smothered in fake mayo and ketchup, chased with a bowl of instant rice. Black tea to wash it down.
All 100% Veegs. (Yeah, i’m saying ‘Veegs’ now. I’m that guy.) 

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