Monday, 12 March 2012

The Vegan Police


It’s about time I clear something up.  Being Vegan does not give you psychic powers. 

Yeah, I know.

You should take a few moments to settle down, because I know how you must be feeling, but it’s true.  No mind reading, no telekenesis, no super powers.  Nothing.

I was sure that once I got to a level 10 Vegan, the other 90% of my brain would be free from curds and whey and I’d become a bonafide superhero.  But like my expected hunger pains and malnutrition, I’ve been let down yet again.

When I decided to take on this challenge, I wasn’t actually sure why people became Vegan.  Was it for health, the animals or just some curious way to express individualism?  I wasn’t really even that sure about what was and wasn’t on the menu, but the past few weeks have been incredibly eye opening.

As you might remember, I began by just eating things that were certified Vegan and avoiding anything that “may or may not contain trace elements of cows milk”, I then found out that my certified Vegan food could contain traces of cows milk and I didn’t know what to do.

But I had it all wrong.  It’s not about avoiding things to fit some rule book.  It’s not about trying not to get caught out by the Vegan Police.  It’s about finding a different way to live, supporting the methods that aren’t wholly destructive and finding your own way to make a difference.  And if that means starting out small and eating less meat, to going all out ‘E Number’ Vegan on the world then so it be.

There’s nothing more complicated to it.  Better for the environment,  considerate to the treatment of animals and sacrificing a few of the things I like for the greater good. 

And if that’s the case, then I guess I am a bit of a superhero.

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